Dəbysi is a performance installation, premiered May 1&2, 2015 at the ASHES/ASHES Gallery in Los Angles. The work combines dance, improvisation, objects, and music to create a child-like wonderland with sordid undertones. NY designer BCALLA costumed the 4 performers who play amongst the environment supported by the collaborators: Andre Keichian (visual art), Kyle Johanson (visual art), Marilu Donovan (harpist), Micaela Tobin (vocalist), and Matt Baye (lighting)

The title is the phonetic spelling of Claude Debussy, whose philosophical writings inspired Blazek to make something that existed ‘between nature and mystery’. In her attempt to make something Debussy would be proud of, she bumps up against her attraction with the opposite.

Dəbysi trailer from Kira Blazek on Vimeo.



photo credit: Cayne Smith

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