Hunter’s Moon

Hunter’s Moon Danspace St.Mark’s Church Food for Thought Series | October 2011 | New York City Gratitude to Douglas Dunn for curating the evening. Choreography by Kira Blazek, performed by Kira Blazek and Tess Igarta. Premiered October 2011



    Velzna is a work for 6 dancers choreographed by Kira Blazek and commissioned by Sarasota Contemporary Dance, formerly Fuzion Dance Artists. The work was completed in just 5 days, with outstanding commitment from the dancers, the piece has caught the attention of the Sarasota community. Premiered March 2014 Click HERE to read Carrie …


Large Prints

The following are 2 of the 3 pieces used as back drops for Zorya, created at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency on Captiva Island, FL. Many thanks to the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation for making these possible. Original ink on paper    


The FUN Archive

Here is a short list of things I also do: I make bootleg remixes of myself dancing…. I show off fancy shoes… 😐 from Nina Payne Footwear on Vimeo. I dance in art galleries… Kira Rae Blazek, Burr Johnson @ Location One from Location One on Vimeo. I dance to cartoon versions of myself…   …


Spring Fairy

In Chinese Medicine, there are 5 seasons in a year. Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The series is still in progress, as I take a contemporary exploration of all the elements and archetypes that comprise the 5 seasons. This was my Spring Fairy…   Gymnosperm: The Spring Fairy from Sting Rae on Vimeo.


7 Body Language Mistakes

This is a multi-media piece for 4 dancers. Using broader concepts of mistakes, rather than single-gestures, the dancers explore the awkward, grotesque, embarrassing, and crude body languages. The dance is comprised of 7 sections, all are microcosms on their own. Photo credit: Jason Akira-Somma Premier: Dixon Place | New York City 7 Body Language Mistakes …