5 Seasons


5 Seasons is a contemporary interpretation of the Wu-Xing. Nine performers transform over the course of a metaphorical year through movement, sound, and video. This evening-length dance work explores the Wu-Xing, the Chinese fivefold conceptual schema that has been practiced over 2,000 years. Used to explain a wide variety of phenomena, it describes states both in nature and in the body, from cosmic cycles to relationships between internal organs. Choreographed and directed by Kira Blazek.

5 Seasons from Kira Blazek on Vimeo.

premiered March 10, 2016 at California Institute of the Arts
Video Design: Shih-lien Yen
Sound Design: Dan Gower
Lighting Design: Dylan Phillips
Costumes: Meghan Ims
Dancers: Mallory Fabian, Megan Fowler-Hurst, Ellen Edwards-Siess, Simon Greenberg, Kat Hernandez, Kayla Johnson, Alan Perez, Madison Shelpuk, Carissa Songhorian
Music for trailer: Dakhabrakha

5 Seasons 3-9-2016 5 Seasons 3-9-2016 5 Seasons 3-9-2016 5 Seasons 3-9-2016 5 Seasons 3-9-2016

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